AHS Predators

In June 2020, a number of posts surfaced on social media alleging current and former Arcadia High School students and faculty of sexual harassment and assault. This is an unofficial mirror of anonymous sexual assault allegations tweeted by @ahs_safespace, @ahspredators, and @predatorsahs. They are copied here in the hopes of bringing greater accessibility and awareness to the allegations.

Content Warning

The following stories describe sexual violence and self harm.

These are allegations. They do not intend to defame or slander.

Freddy Mancilla

Back in 2013-2014 I was friends with Freddy Mancilla. He always had a bad reputation but he was nice to me and I didn’t really think twice about it. I was a freshmen and was very innocent, mind you. One day we went to the Arcadia public library just to hang out and we walked to the children section which is in the back. He sat down and was hinting at him wanting me to do something sexual to him. He asked me to sit on his lap and to go close to him. He'd pull my hand to his pants but I'd pull away because It made me uncomfortable and I didn’t want that at all. I was sitting in the chair next to him and he had dropped something and asked me to pick it up. As I was going to grab it (thinking nothing of it)

hadn't noticed but he had his penis out and shoved my mouth onto him. He continued to force me to give him head in this public area when I never gave consent to doing so. When he finally let me up I felt numb like I couldn’t feel any emotion or anything at all. He told me “I'm sure you'll be better next time”...

Nick Napier

Hi. I'd like to remain anonymous but I'd like to validate the story on your page about Nick Napier. I was present at that sleepover. We slept in the living room away from the bedrooms. i remember being furious because he woke up in the middle of the night to “use the restroom” and then committed that disgusting act. My mother was the person that threw him out of the room in the middle of the night, and informed me that she caught him in the bedroom. There was also another incident where I was at a party Nick was at and a few of us stayed the night and he insisted that he stay because he “wasn't safe to drive.” He used that night so he could try to spy on the girls changing in the bedroom through a vent in the bathroom next to the bedroom. One of the girls staying the night caught him and told us what had happened in the following morning.

Tony Segura

On December 5, 2015, Saturday night around 11pm in Portland, OR, some of the cross country team went out for an event and we were going back to the hotel to get some sleep for our run in the morning. I was sitting in the back with my boyfriend at the time and he was sleeping against the window of the vehicle we were in. I sat next to him and in between Tony on the way back. I leaned on my boyfriend and wanted to sleep too. Not even 5 minutes later, I feel someone touching my leg. I open my eyes, and I know my boyfriend is sleeping. I look at who’s hand it is and it turns out to be Tony’s hand. On my leg and reaching towards my vagina. I tried pulling his hand away and I told him no. He resisted and grabbed my hand away from his. He felt the pad I was wearing because I was on my period but then moved up my shirt and towards my breasts. He started groping me and I told him no. I tried grabbing his hand from under my shirt but he didn’t stop. This continued for 15 minutes until we got to the hotel- me telling him to stop and grabbing his hand. During the car ride, he used my free hand that wasn’t pulling his off of my body and shoved my hand down his pants so I could stroke his penis. When we got to the hotel room, he stopped and got out like nothing happened. But I felt violated and trapped. I didn’t tell anyone for weeks until I said something at a laser tag event that same month. Fast forward to after winter break, some of the upperclassmen and I are trying to figure out what to do. It comes to the conclusion of reporting to the head coach who ultimately said report it to Dean Kearney. This happened in February 2016 when I reported it. I filled out an incident report and retold my story to the dean. He asked me questions pertaining to what happened in Oregon. One of them happened to be what I was wearing that night. He told me the school was going to launch an investigation about this. I left after I retold my story and went back to class. I know that he asked a couple other students to come in to ask if they had knowledge about it. Over the course of a couple months, all the way until May 2016, I was repeatedly called into the dean’s office. I even spoke to a police officer who was less than helpful in March/April 2016. I was asked many times about what happened to see if my version of the story changed. I could tell that they were skeptical though, considering that Tony gave them a different story. It wasn’t until the end of May that I found out what happened: he got a talking to by his parents. I was upset when I found out but deep down, I feel like I knew this would happen.The cross country team’s response was... less than satisfactory. I was really disappointed. The coaches want to shut down any talk of this going around the team. A couple of my friends told me this personally. I never received any sort of talk or counsel or anything from the head or assistant coaches. In addition to Tony’s “punishment from the school”, from what I heard he did not receive any other punishment. And that was the worst thing to hear. No one helped me after that and later on I was ostracized from the team as a liar (basically). No one thought that my experience was worth believing. And he got away with what he did that night.

Mr. Baroni


Arcadia Baseball Team

The whole Arcadia baseball team (at least the years 2014-16 but most likely longer) had a group message where they shared nudes that the guys got from their girlfriends/girls they were talking to. And I know cuz Nick Ibarra shared mine. Not just with the team but his group of friends that weren’t on the team as well. I overheard them talking once and they made it sound like they traded them around like baseball cards. Even after we broke up i would hear from other people that random guys had my pictures. Guys that weren’t on the team, which meant it spread further than just athletics. These guys were also 2-3 years older than my year. Nick also recorded me giving him head without me knowing and sent it to his friends, I only found out because I looked up and he couldn’t hide his phone fast enough. There’s so much more but those aren’t my stories to tell. I hope girls can find the courage to call these guys out, they need to KNOW that we know what they did was wrong.

Alec Choy

Hello everyone,

With all the recent sexual assault allegations that have been coming out, I feel that I should share my story as well. Although I graduated from Arcadia High School back in 2017, I experienced the same rape culture that is very much prevalent today.

ALEC CHOY sexually assaulted me for months when I was a junior at AHS. At the time, we were both a part of the World Line for percussion. He was a vereran on the team, I was a first-year. At the very start of the season, he asked to meet me after practice (which ended at 9pm) by a school building to “talk”. I asked if we could meet another time, but he was persistent on meeting that night. When I arrived at the meetup location, he forced himself on me and started kissing me. I immediately pushed back and stated that I was dating someone and did not want anything to do with this. He then grabbed my neck, pushed my head down, and tried to force me to perform oral sex on him. I pushed back and ran off, calling my then-boyfriend to pick me up. At the time, my boyfriend told me to report it to authorities, or at least the percussion instructors, but I was scared. Alec was a core member of the team, and if I reported him I was worried it would jeopardize championships for us. Looking back on this now, I should have just reported it the very first time it happened.

Over the course of the next couple months, anytime we had practice, Alec would wait until we were alone and then grope me and walk away as if nothing happened. He would constantly send me very explicit images and messages over Snapchat and ask for me to keep quiet. This constant sexual harassment continued even on the day of championships while we were in Dayton, Ohio. The percussion usually changes on charter buses prior to performances. Since we were due to perform later in the night, it was pitch black in the bus. While we were changing and getting ready for our final performance, Alec came over to my seat and started groping me while I was undressed. What was I supposed to do in that situation? We were about to give our championship performance, the the performance that we've been working towards for months. Surely, if I said something it would have affected the team as a whole so I kept my mouth shut.

Throughout the course of this, I told a few close friends and team members. Most supported me and sympathized, but none confronted him. Another team member had even told me that they had a similar experience with him. However, at the end of the day everyone continued to interact with him just as they normally would. This had a greater impact on me then the actual assault.

The continuum of rape culture is not exclusive to acts of sexual assault and exclusive to acts of sexual assault and violence. It includes all attitudes, beliefs, and actions that support it. I am disapponited to see that the same issues that I experienced are still issues that current AHS students have to deal with. I have been harboring these thoughts for years now, and I would encourage other women who have had similar experiences to speak up. Not to ruin the lives of the perpetrators, but rather to shift away from a patriarchal view of sexuality. A view that normalizes and reinforces sexual violence.

Lastly, a message to AHS from an alumna. Please be better. Growing up in Arcadia, topics such as mental health and sexual violence have always been considered taboo. I hope for the future of AHS to fully address the extent of these issues, whether it's through education about sexual assault and consent or fostering a safe environment for students to openly discuss these issues and experiences.

Alec Choy

I refuse to go into detail for I will re-live the trauma. ALEC CHOY. 2012-2016 AHS student. He stalked and harassed me for 2 years straight. It started with unsolicited pictures of his penis, to sticking his hands up my pants and penetrating; every time I would not only verbally refuse, but I would try to shove him off. Regardless of my refusal, he would aggressively yell and hold me down. He did this repeatedly to me along with many other minors. If you were a victim and would like to make this into a legal fight, DM AHS predators and we will be connected. I refuse to let this happen to another woman or child.

Alec Choy

I went to a after school program with Alec for about two/three years while we were both in middle school, and during that time I thought we were friends. I got picked up by the after school program in a small van pretty much everyday, and Alec would get picked as well several days during the week. Sometimes, the after school program would go to elementary schools first before they would come to our school to pick us up. When this would happen, majority of the seats would already be taken up by the elementary school kids and I would be forced to squeeze into the back seat with several other kids. When this happened, the seats were so cramped in the back that I wouldn’t be able to sit completely down, so I was kinda in a situation where my butt would be tilted up halfway to make more room in the seat for other students to sit, if that makes sense. Anyways Alec would sit next to me and poke my butt in a joking way at first, but when we were put in a situation like that over and over again, he would get more comfortable and begin groping me or rubbing my thighs the entire ride to my school, and I would tell him to stop but he would keep doing it. This happened several times, and I didn’t want to bring it up the driver or the adult because I was embarrassed and disgusted. This happened several times, and it got to the point where I had enough and would start sitting on the floor of the van, just so he would stop touching me. When I did this, he would use his foot to rub on my butt instead. Mind you, I was in 7th grade at the time and he was in 8th grade.

When he graduated and was a freshman at AHS, he for some reason visited our middle school when it was after school. We ran into each other and exchanged hellos. He then reached over to hug me, and it kinda caught me by surprise, but I hugged him back (looking back, I don’t even know why I accepted his hug in the first place) and immediently pushed him off when he grabbed my ass with both of his hands and squeezed it. I then walked avay and didn’t hear from him after that.

Fast forward to high school when I was a freshman or sophomore: Everyday I would walk to the public library after practice to get picked up. I would sit on the chairs in the small hallway that separated the adult and kid sections of the library. One day I was sitting on the chairs, on my phone, when someone comes to sit next to me and I looked up and saw it was Alec. He tried to initiate convo, but I got up and left soon after because my ride was here. The next time it happened, he again tried to initiate convo but didn’t really go anywhere. He kept telling me to go somewhere else to “talk” but I kept telling him no and that my ride was here soon. This probably happened like three more times until all of the sudden one day, he slides his hand down my shorts from the back under my underwear and starts rubbing my ass. I froze in shock, and felt completely defenseless. I felt saying stop, but it wasn't until I told him that the security guard was looking at him (he wasn't, but he would walk back and forth around the library) that he quickly pulled his hand out. After, he would send me sexual messages, asking about my bra size, “have you ever done this with a guy” type questions. He tried pressuring me into sending him naked pictures. He also sent me unsolicited dick pics.

I wanted to make clear that Alec didn’t always go to the library, I probably only saw him a handful of times in total because I think he had band practice or something idk. I remember the last time I saw him at the library. I had a really bad day that day, and had been crying. ALec sees and comes over to sit next to me, asking me what was wrong and pretending to care, clearly seeing that I wasn't in a good place to talk. He then kept insisting on going somewhere else more private to “talk”, trying to take advantange of the fact that I was obviously in distress. At that point I got up, walked out and waited in the rain for my ride to come. I was absolutely disgusted by him. He would still message me and I eventually blocked him. After that, I tried to avoid him at all cost by only sitting in those individual desk cubicles.

I never told anyone about it, up until last year when I had a deep conversation with my current boyfriend. I didn’t realize how traumatized I still was until I found myself hysterically crying and felt like I was unable to breathe as I was recalling everything. I felt powerless again, and I still feel like ti was my fault and I could've done more. I still don’t know why I just didn’t block him from the start. I had so much self-hatred, insecurity, didn’t have many friends and did self- harm that I am still trying to recover from now.

Alec Choy

He did the exact thing to me when we were sophomores.

Alec Choy

It reminds me of a very similar story my friend told me about Alec our first year of college. He's remained a piece of shit.

Alec Choy

Alec did the exact same thing to me all of high school

Alec Choy

he did something similar to me when I was a sophomore and it continued for well over a year.

Alec Choy

My experience was not like yours but I feel ilke I understand somewhat of what you felt like. I was a year older than Alec and I knew him from mutual friends. He would grab my ass in the hallway and I would of course freak out and say not to do that. He would also send me solicit photos and say weird things to me via Facebook and snapchat which made me uncomfortable. I brushed it off at first to be nice and to not have drama. When he grabbed my ass in the hallway one time, it made me really upset. At the time, I was in a committed relationship and I was on good terms with my boyfriend then. My boyfriend knew something was off with me so I told him about it very casually. My boyfriend freakd out and threatened to jump Alec and beat him up. Mind I wasnt a confrontational person and again I didnt want drama so I stopped it from happening and assured my boyfriend it wouldn’t happen again

Also I wanted to add when I told my friends about it.. they (who also had boyfriends) told me he friended them on snapchat and facebook (they accepted the friends request since they had mutuals). He sent dick pics to them and when they confronted him, he said “it wasnt mine” or “sorry friend took my phone.” They didnt even know him or ever meet him before but when they saw each other at school he would wave hi and that's how everything starts.. then he sends more pics and starts being more aggressive to say “let's meet up” until they eventually block him. These girls who never met him before too.

Alec Choy

alec never did anything sexual toward me, physically or verball, but he had a way of publicly making me feel ugly.

as you know arcadia is usually known for “ABGs”. i don’t have that image. Alec flirted a lot within drumline (as you know) and when we were in an ensemble together, I walked into the percussion room and he and his friend (another percussionist) was talking about how badly they “wanted” one of the girls in our drumline. when alec saw me walk in, he looks at his friend and goes “I’ll take ___ (the cute girls name) and you'll take ___ (my name).” his friend gave a disgusted response and they both laughed. in front of my face. i was right there. this was minutes before class... i was scared of snapping because i didn’t wanna throw off the team/rehearsal dynamic. i was scared. he and his friend were strong players and I wasn't.

Alec Choy

In middle school, Alec would force me and a friend to play a game he called “are you nervous yet?”. He would begin the “game” by placing his hands on our knees and then sliding them up our thighs. Even if we said we were nervous (the only way to end the game) he would continue to silde his hands up our legs and then proceeded to shame us for being “pussies” and “tapping out early”.

Alec Choy

I wanted to add that I saw what one of the victims had to say about Alec, and about him playing this game called “are you nervous yet?”, where he would put his hands on our knees and start moving his hands up to our thighs. He would still play this “game” even though I would push his hands off, and this happened in middle school as well when we were on our way to our after school program. I wish I was a lot stronger when I was younger but not only was I an extremely introverted and insecure person growing up, but I was also scared he would say things about me to other people that were untrue. I kept quiet because I'd say he was fairly popular/ or well-known throughout his class.

And I hate that I still feel pity for him, but at that age, you should be able to know right from wrong.

Alec Choy

so in hs we use to talk and all. this one time he asked me ft [FaceTime] with him and i was like yeah sure. so we fted and he was already shirtless IN THE BATHROOM. he said he was about to shower and he was telling me to take my shirt off and show him my tits. I kept telling him no and he fucking whipped his dick out and started jerking off. after that i dipped and blocked him on every single social media.

Jesse Huang

When I was a sophomore at Arcadia High School I met Jesse Huang. I didn’t know any of the rumors about him because I kept to myself. Well... At the band orchestra color guard choir banquet we went for a walk after dinner. He then proceeded to ask me to “give him head” “it won’t take long”. He then pushed my head down to force me to suck his dick. I kept pulling away so he said he had to complete a favor for me. He pulled my tights down, ripping them in the process, and then proceeded to try to finger me. I was a virgin. The whole time he was stroking himself saying he was going to cum. I don’t know if he did or not because at that point I went into shock. The next thing I remember I was on my couch crying into my best friend’s lap. I’m so sorry to this day for never reporting him since he seems to have continued this cycle. Any time I have tried to speak out about this Ive been silenced by him. I hope this helps at least one person.

Jesse Huang

I already saw someone tell their story about Jesse Huang, honestly I wasn't even surprised. He would constantly harass me in little ways and constantly ask me if I'd have sex with him or do sexual acts with him. I never said yes to them, not even kissing. One night we were out with a group and he pulled me aside because he said he had to tell me something. At first I was hesitant but he was stern with his words and I didn’t want to make a scene so I went. We were in a tiny hallway next to a closed room. I asked what he wanted and he said he wanted to kiss me. I said no. And he continued to be pushy with me until he finally just shoved his entire body on me aganist the wall and forcefully kissed me. I was in shock. I got myself to...

Andrew Herrera and Jesse Huang

When I went to Arcadia High School in 9th and 10th grade I was sexually assaulted by two boys. When I was a freshman I used to hang out with my link crew leader and her friends. I was pursued by one of her friends in particular.

I was 14 and he was 18. He made out with me and tried to go further. His name was Andrew Herrera. He was on the football team. I was embarrassed. His wife (back then it was his girlfriend) showed up to my first period class and told me off. No one stopped her not even my teacher. A few kids started bullying me. For that and other reasons. In my sophomore year I started to self harm. AHS found out I was doing this and the ONLY thing they did when the nurse told them was basically telling me to “knock it off” as my counselor said “you’re too pretty to be doing that” So I was hospitalized and released after 4 days when my mom found out. I was in the show choir Harmonix. The dean in charge of 504 meetings wouldn’t let me come back until I had a meeting with him. The choir director by that time replaced me. Which is against ADA since I had a mental health disability at the time. His name was Mr. England. When I went to BOCC Banquet that year, I was sexually assaulted by Jesse Huang. He forced me to preform oral sex on him and he fingered me without consent He treated me like I was in the wrong any time I would tell my story. He would come up with false apologies and would make people think I’m crazy. By the end of my sophomore year I stayed home more days then I went to school because of all this. Arcadia High School never asked why. But they did have people calling saying I would have to retake my classes so on and so forth. My mom saw the effect this school had on my mental health so she pulled me out and moved us 50 miles away. My new school cared and is where I made the lasting connections I have today.

Andrew Herrera

Hello. I purposely didn’t come out with my story about Andrew Herera out of respect for him and his wife and their soon to come child. However, seeing how she is discrediting this other girls story, I'm ready to share.

I met Andrew Hererra my first semester of highschool. Making me 14. He was a junior. I didn’t super see a problem with this age difference, but it was a huge push for me as far as sexual experiences go. We had math class together. One of my first highschool friends was also in that class. We soon became semi close to Andrew. We used to pass notes between the 3 of us everyday. Through those notes he eventually started flirting with me and asked me to hang out at lunch (after our 4th period math class). We eventually had an arrangement where we would meet up many days behind the south side bleachers and make-out for the entirety of lunch. He very quickly got confident. He would unhook my bra and grab my boobs. Students would be walking by. Keep in mind I've never even made out with a guy before this. He often trying to move my hand onto his dick many times but I told him i was uncomfortable. I was never very strong about saying no to him touching me but knew I didn’t want to touch him. He would also go in my pants. After a couple times he tried to get me to give him a blow job and or have sex underneath the bleachers. Not only had I never done anything like this but it was hardly private. I said no and we cut ties. He eventually apologized after I told him how much it hurt that he showed so much interest in me, pushed me extremely far, and then dropped me like I meant nothing. He tried to hook up a couple times after he graduated, but I never went past responding to a couple texts from him and we haven't talked in years. This story didn’t impact me as significantly as other's which is why I didn’t originally share it, but it happened. And I believe the other girl who came out as well. Stay strong and don’t let other's tell you your story isn't true.

Andrew Herrera

In 2013-2014 there was a senior on the football team. I think he was a kicker idk. Anyways he turned 18 and pressured me and several other 14-15 year olds into making out with him and grabbing his dick. It was literally traumatizing. I pushed him away and got away but, a close friend of mine was forced to preform oral on him. I know of a minimum of 2 other girls who did it. His now wife ditched her first period to yell at me for making out with him. She yelled at me until I started crying. Even convinced me that I was the one who made moves on him so I wouldn’t report him.

Mr. I

... forget MR. I who would talk about wanting to fuck female students or talk about how hot female students were with male students. He had even asked me if I spit or swallowed and if I wanted to give him a blow job. He said this to me in front of another teacher who reported him. The only thing they did was told him to retire early.

Anthony Harriman

when i was 15 I started dating a senior named Anthony Harriman. He did that APN Zombie thing. Well he asked me to prom and things were fine until the day there was a pregnancy scare. He got very aggressive and told me if I was pregnant I'd have to go through an abortion. Regardless if I wanted to or not. I wound up not being pregnant and decided I didn’t feel like I was ready to have sex after all and told him. He would get pushy and would throw a fit or whine until I eventually gave in. It escalated as one time he forced himself inside me without a condom, I cried and asked him to stop because I was scared. He kept going for a while after, put a condom on, and finished up. I was afraid no one would believe me because I was when i was 15 I started dating a senior named Anthony Harriman. He did that APN Zombie thing. Well he asked me to prom and things were fine until the day there was a pregnancy scare. He got very aggressive and told me if I was pregnant I'd have to go through an abortion. Regardless if I wanted to or not. I wound up not being pregnant and decided I didn’t feel like I was ready to have sex after all and told him. He would get pushy and would throw a fit or whine until I eventually gave in. It escalated as one time he forced himself inside me without a condom, I cried and asked him to stop because I was scared. He kept going for a while after, put a condom on, and finished up. I was afraid no one would believe me because I was coerced into saying yes and thought my mom would be mad I wasn't a virgin. This was going on for a while. He would tell me I had no friends so it was pointless to go to my new schools prom, that I wasn't enough for him, I felt so isolated with him, I felt like no matter what I couldn’t talk to anyone about it, and eventually he wound up slapping me for saying something he didn’t like in front of his friend Nick, my friend Jessica, and another guy on here Nicholas Napier. My friend was too shocked to do anything but she came over to me after I ran off and comforted me. We were arguing every single night on the phone. It only got worse when he went on a trip with me and my family. He'd touch me inappropriately in front of them. arone my hreasts trv to coerced into saying yes and thought my mom would be mad I wasn't a virgin. This was going on for a while. He would tell me I had no friends so it was pointless to go to my new schools prom, that I wasn't enough for him, I felt so isolated with him, I felt like no matter what I couldn’t talk to anyone about it, and eventually he wound up slapping me for saying something he didn’t like in front of his friend Nick, my friend Jessica, and another guy on here Nicholas Napier. My friend was too shocked to do anything but she came over to me after I ran off and comforted me. We were arguing every single night on the phone. It only got worse when he went on a trip with me and my family. He'd touch me inappropriately in front of them. grone my breasts try to finger me in the car, and be mad later and demand to know why I was saying no. We broke up shortly after. I told him he was abusive but he denied it and broke up with me over a phone call.

Even though it's been a few years now, I still struggle with what happened. I was 16, just starting to get into dating and relationships, he was 19 and knew better. I have PTSD and most of my relationships after him have been toxic. After telling my family and going to therapy I've learned to deal. But I still have panic attacks if his name is mentioned, or if I go down his old street when I'm in Arcadia.

Michael Luna

Michael and I were really close friends for about 2 years. We became friends my junior year when we had a class together, he was a senior. He was always very flirty with me but I had never seen him that way in the beginning, we were only friends. As time went on, he kept leading me on, saying things like “we're gonna get married one day” and “I think I'm in love with you”.. Weird shit that I just played off. Over time I eventually developed feelings for him because he was manipulative and ultimately made me fall for him. I was a virgin during this time, but he would make comments that we should have sex or hookup.. The friendship turned into a flirtation ship, we had made out once and that was it, he tried other stuff but I didn’t let him. I had told him that I didn’t want to have sex with him. When I was 17 he threw a party at his grandparents, I got blackout drunk and can honestly say I don’t remember much. I remember having sex with David Cordiero that night, that’s all. The following morning I was still at that house, throwing up all morning feeling like death. Michael took me home and called me later that day, and makes a joke out of the fact that him and I had sex that night and that I went to David right after... I had absolutely no memory of having sex with Michael. He told me I went into his room and initiated everything. Again, I have no memory. I was blackout drunk and he took advantage of the situation. I started crying on the phone when he told me, I told him he knew I didn’t want to do that. He blamed it on me saying I wanted it and that he was drunk too. He let me go to David's room afterwards and have sex with David as well, he claims he didn’t know that's what I was doing. AJ Jimenez was also there, who I apparently went into the hallway after and was making out with. Thank god AJ didn’t have sex with me that night too but all 3 of those guys passed me around that night like a rag doll and gave no fucks that I was belligerent drunk and was unable to consent to ANYTHING in the state I was in. They made jokes about it afterwards. Michael and David raped me. AJ is just as bad because he was present and did nothing to stop it, and also took advantage of me by just making out with him, if that’s even all he did.. This is just what I was told. AHS baseball team is trash and every single of of them were involved with taking advantage of and degrading women.

Leo Zamora

Leo Zamora used to constantly slap my ass or grope my chest when we went to Dana Middle school. While we were in hs, a couple friends came over after a party we were having for one of my friend's as well as my own 18th birthday. (Our birthdays being a day apart) Leo was more of mutual friend. I had known him since middle school but we were never necessarily close. While in the living room, about 4 or 5 of us were squeezed together on a couch with a blanket thrown over us. I could feel him getting sorta close, but didn’t really acknowledge it. I was in loose sleep shorts. He started his hand up my leg and fingered me while I was in conversation with other people in the room. I was terrified. I didn’t tell anyone, even my best friend or sister who were both there. I froze. He tried getting me to go upstairs to a bedroom with him several times. I would hide, make excuses, say I didn’t want to. He eventually gave it up. He spent the night that night and I was awake the entire time worried he was going to wake up and try something again. It took me a year to tell my friends. I was so embarrassed and scared. Being that we still have friends in common, I've seen him a couple times since, but neither of us have ever said anything. I blamed myself for a year before realizing that there's no way I could've consented to someone fingering me in front of a group of my friends. I couldn’t fathom doing that to someone. And I still think about it all the time. This was 2016.

Justin Chi

This was after high school but here’s what happened. We've had mutual friends for a while, and he asked to hang out. He mentioned that we could get high and I thought that was all that was going to happen but then he guided me to my room (keep in mind I was nervous and scared, especially since I was under the influence and alone so I didn’t speak up and complied at first). He then slowly started putting his hands down my pants without my consent. Later he started touching other parts of body. After telling him “no” and “stop,” multiple times, he proceeded to pull me down and start kissing me saying “come on” and “lets just do this.” This continued until I had the courage and strength to push him off me. Even after being pushed off of me, he kept being persistent and still wanted me to have sex with him. After repeatedly refusing and telling him no, he finally left me alone. The entire time I was uncomfortable and felt extremely unsafe and even after months of this happening, I am still traumatized by this event.

Deven Salazar

deven was mentally abusive and manipulative. he would constantly ask for nudes and made me feel bad when i wouldn’t send. he shared my nudes w many of his friends and tried to deny it when i confronted him about it. i know he also has done this exact same thing to other girls when they sent their pictures to him. when we were talking he was controlling, immature and toxic. when confronted he would play the victim and make me feel bad for something he did.

Deven Salazar

deven would text me constantly and ask me very perverted questions about my body. he would play mind games with me and constantly ask for nude pictures. one night i gave in, after being constantly pressured. when i would say no he would manipulate me into trying to send some night after night. he would continue to ask me for more pictures even though i've made it clear that i didn’t want to. he tried to make me think i could trust him. i would see him around campus and act nice in fear that if i made him mad he would send my nudes out. little did i know that he had already leaked them. To make matters worse, he has done this to other girls.

John Cho

I was never super close to John, but we would see eachother around school sometimes and we would see eachother at parties. We did kiss one time at a party, but nothing more and I didn’t think much of it (I was super naive at the time and was just looking go out). However, one time at another party, I had just gotten there and John was already visibly drunk (pretty rowdy, stumbling) we were outside and he hugged me to say hi, but after that he didn’t let go of me and slid his hand down my back, then slid his arm down even further and grabbed me aggressively down there. He kept rubbing down there and was trying to finger me, but other people were outside and eventually I got out of his grasp. I don’t know where he went off to, but I left immediately and from then on, I never went to parties or anything I knew he would be at. I know other people have been through much worse situations, however I just wanted to share my piece and get it off my chest

Kevin Chen

Recently it's been known that Arcadia is incapable of holding their students accountable. I wanted to share my story regarding Kevin Chen of CO 2018. I was in a class with him and sat behind him and I caught him trying to take selfies with me in the background but luckily was able to move away in time. There were also times where he would come up behind me and rub my shoulders/arms. He would also turn around very frequently to not look at me but at my feet. There were also multiple occasions where he had been caught taking photos of girls' feet and I know that he had been reported to administration by a teacher. He posted a photo of his punishment, which was a Saturday school slip, on his snapchat story. There was also another time in my senior year where he followed me down the hallways to the restroom during my free sixth period. I was and still am very hesitant speaking up because I was afraid people would take this the wrong way and feel as though coming forward about him is unjustified. However, I feel as though I have to bring attention to this because I was very afraid of him in both my junior and senior years and did everything I could to avoid him. People need to be held accountable for their actions, otherwise they will believe that they can get away with these intolerable acts.

Jahlique Stephens

When I was a junior, I was in a really abusive relationship Jahlique Stephens. He recorded us having intercourse without my consent and threatened to share it if I left him. He also shared other private photos of mine with the football team and they harassed me and teased me about having seen the photos

Moises Davila

People were saying for years how Moises Davila made them uncomfortable and his predatory behavior was exposed in high school when he preyed on middle school girls but AHS never did anything. After he graduated, people found out he, as a 20 year old man, was engaging in sexual acts with multiple 8-10 year olds. He’s now registered as a sex offender but when people brought up his predatory behavior in high school, no formal action was taken AND the school district hired him after he graduated to work with young children.